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Originally Posted by kaykay View Post
Sorry guys, so-called "BMW insiders" on a car forum are the last people I'd listen to when it comes to what engine will be in the next-generation M3.

NOBODY and I repeat, nobody knows what engine will be in this car. To date, all of this engine talk is pure speculation to keep the forum heads occupied.

I'm pretty sure it won't be a variant of the N55, there will most likely be a new engine in the M3.

Evidence, speculation, insider info, all bullshit until we here the official news from BMW AG themselves.
Well we have seen engines that would otherwise be two cylinders bigger end up in cars such as the X5M, X6M, and 1M... Precedent says that the 8cyl mill will probably end up being a 6 cylinder mill. On top of that, we have seen ///M go turbocharged so chances are we will see the next engine in the M3 go turbocharged as well. They went turbo on the M5, X6M, X5M, and 1M.

M5 = 10cyl -> 8cyl Turbo
M3 = 8cyl -> 6cyl Turbo ? ??