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Originally Posted by Peteypab2133 View Post
Well being from the UK you have the opportunities to drive some cars that I do not. Although I can still say from my shop dwelling experiences that the STI is a great daily driver, but a horrible toy to play with. The older evo's were even lighter, and had even more noise to deal with.. although I will say the 6 is the best evo possibly to date.
Yes, quite lucky being able to drive a lot of these cars much easier in the UK, I had the first generation Subaru Sti's (version 1) which blew my mind, nothing compared to it.. The EVO6 was a blast but the AYC was horrid, I had 5k worth of warranty work done in the first year, anyway, I digress.

I hated the AYC as 'I' wanted to control and drive the car rather than the electrics.

The 9GT was modded, around 400/440 and i took it around Milbrook on a drivers day and it was stunning, stuck to the road like glue but not that involving.

I prefer NA cars and being able to balance them on the throttle, plus RWD means you can't just 'point and squirt' - I find the EVO's and to some degree the Subaru's a little one dimensional (and very good at that single dimension) whereas the M3 is a multi-layered beast with a stunning engine and chassis to match.

The Subaru Spec-c is a very well sorted car and more 'entertaining' than the EVO's IMO of course.