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Originally Posted by double_j View Post
I do think that you will find a pretty tight inverse relationship between 0-60 times and price (especially if aligned within a given manufacturer's line up).
I still don't really agree. In fact, I can't think of a single manufacture where pricing of their lineup and acceration specs are in sync. This is especially the case when you look at the different goals of different products accross the lineup. Certainly you don't think an M3 is slower to 60 than a 750Li? For that matter compare the base price of an X6 35i (never mind the 50i for a moment, which the M3 will still beat) with an E90 M3.

In the general BMW pricing architecture, sub 4 second 0-60 times will be reserved for the M5 and M6 price brackets for at least one more generation. The next M3 will be published in the low 4's.
I would tend to agree with this, but your earlier post suggested that BMW would use the performance of the car to determine the price for the car. It simply does not work this way. Instead, they determine the price they want to charge for a product and then decide what qualities it must possess in order to command that price. That's how to build a good business case and successfully execute product development.

I do agree that the M3 won't have advertised acceleration times better than the M5. But it will definitely be faster than a 750i for less money - the current car already accomplishes that and there's no way the new one will base at 80k like a 750Li does.
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