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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Price and 0-60 time are not related. If they were then a C63 or CTS-V would cost a lot more than they do today and an RS5 a lot less. And those examples just happen to be cars that are in the M3's class. You can find dozens of examples of cars in price classes much higher and much lower than the M3 that also refute your point.

Even if you were to generalize and say that the overall performance of a car determines its price point, that still is not true with many examples available to use as counterpoints.
I do think that you will find a pretty tight inverse relationship between 0-60 times and price (especially if aligned within a given manufacturer's line up). I totally agree that it's not necessarily causal but one does inform pretty well about the other.

In the general BMW pricing architecture, sub 4 second 0-60 times will be reserved for the M5 and M6 price brackets for at least one more generation. The next M3 will be published in the low 4's.