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Price For US Market

Originally Posted by Goober M View Post
For the most recent M models, BMW has been setting US prices around 64-67% of EUR/US conversion. So, this would translate to around $57-$59k US.
I agree, however you need to remove the 19% Vat first
and also take the Japanese car prices in to account
My preliminary contract for a Diplomatic/Militry car US
spec is 50K obviously it's up in the air but these people
are usually very close, last 4 vehicles it came in with more
equipment and was a bit less

A bird told me MSRP $51. I am not trying to spread rumors,
but I cant help it, Mom is a church secretary and I am a Baptist

BMW is worried about pricing themselves out of the US Market
They have hedged heavily against the Dollar with is at a several year
high, we get a TREMENDOUS price break compared to ALL other
markets and a better warranty. I am in Germany its obvious
when my Military/Diplomatic price on a 335 cab is
My price $47K USD =35 K euros
German sticker $66K in Euros or 89K in US dollars

Thats 54 percent of what a German pays, Compared to the Dutch we pay
less than half.

and we get a better warranty, That and $7plus a gallon gas in europe
is the reason the Europeans think we americans are rich ! and most of
the cars sold are diesels

A New 2007/8 Mercedes C-300/280 is 54K Euros delivered in Germany
I ordered one for my wife at $29,854 for Sept 22K Euros

Its crazy

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