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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
I am still skeptical.
I would be willing to place a wager on the first character of the F1x M3's engine name being an "S".

And just because they throw tune on an n55 and call it an s55 doesnt mean its truly an 's' motor.
Well, I suppose if they literally just rebadge the motor then perhaps I'd agree. But the liklihood that they will be able to squeeze 450hp+ out of an N55 with no changes other than to the ECU to me is basically zero. I mean sure you can probably do that with after market tune and mods today, but we are talking about a production motor with a warranty.

IMHO the "S55" (working name for now) will share less parts with an N55 than today's S63 shares with the N63. I suppose that isn't saying much, but my point is that I believe as time goes on, the M motors will likely veer more from the series motors. At the same time, I expect that the shortblock and probably much of the longblock will stay. Though I could easily see M specific heads and valvetrain for the F3x M3 and/or F2x 1M.
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