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[quote=shift@red;8532962]The thing is, the GT3 doesnt need anything more than what it is/has. It is THE winningest car in motorsport history from THE winningest manufacturer in motorsport history. Why mess with what works? Its not supposed to be a high tech motor. Its just supposed to be a reliable one that wins races and does so with ease over the v8 competition. Cars like the 911 turbo pack a lot of tech, and things im sure BMW wont have for quite a while in their cars.

^^^ Exactly! The Metzger engine has a long history of winning races and endurance reliability. Although there may be higher tech stuff, the GT3 with 114.4 hp per liter and the RS with 118.4 speaks volumes. Their current torque curves are very, very impressive as well. The engine isn't what I would think as heavy considering that the new and future use 9A1 is only (roughly) 13 lbs lghter. These engines are bullet proof as well. These cars with the Metzger will be sought after in years to come, imo. Not many manufacturers are making true race ready dry sumps either. The new (2009) 9A1 is an "integrated wet sump" in Porsche speak.

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