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Originally Posted by GhostRideTheWhip View Post
Honestly, the M3 is the luxury coupe. The 1M is being marketed as a "back to our roots sports car".
The 1M still has useable back seats and a decent trunk (I'm not sure but I'm assuming it has more storage space than the Cayman). I think this car represents what BMW does best and thats make fun performance cars that have everyday practicality. If practicality and price aren't your focus then I no doubt agree that a Porsche is probably a better car for you.

In terms of the F32 M3, I hope BMW can shave about 100-200lbs from the e92 platform. I've been reading that BMW is well aware of the unhealthy weight increase in their cars and working to control this so hopefully they do something to mitigate the trend.

While I'm not excited about the prospect of them putting a TT engine in the car, on a positive note I do think that with it, the days of a C63's straight line dominance and people's complaints of lack of low end torque may be over. Also, I still have faith the BMW M will do some serious work to the engine to make it earn the S badging.

In a dream world, I'd like the M3 GTS engine in the F32 M3