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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
If BMW can make a turbo car even half as fun and thrilling as what Porsche can, we may have something good. I dont expect them to be able to provide consumers the same type of cutting edge turbo tech (vtg)
Eh? I'm not worried about the motor...

I'm a porsche guy, but BMW has been building more technically advanced motors for years, hands down (with a couple exceptions, ie CGT).

The GT3 and GT2 are both based on the metzger block, designed as air-cooled way back when. While this allows an amazing evolution, the downside is that the motor is not all that high tech, and it's heavy. Not surprising when you realize they took an air-cooled motor design and bolted on 40 years of technology (water jackets, power steering pumps, emissions equipment, etc). On a power to weight and tech basis BMW has been leading, not following. If they put their minds to it and spend the money (which they have done in previous Ms) I believe they will set the standard.

The real question in my mind is if they are moving towards Porsche or Lexus with the chassis...
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