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Originally Posted by Peteypab2133 View Post
Your absolutely correct, what else do you call a car that weighs 3200 pounds and has an AWD system installed? The car is a proven rally machine. Has a motor that can take upwards of 800 hp/liter, beefed up brakes, suspension, and aluminum body panels to take the weight off of it.

So what we see here is that the car was intended to be fast not comfortable. You can say all the rude comments about it if you want, but show me facts that its a better car?
Urm, I owned an EVO6 and 9GT (arguably the best EVO ever made) and found them great for anyone to drive fast around bends, required no real driver skills and to get any real joy of out challenging you as a driver you would have to be doing ridiculous speeds on the road and risking other road users, on track it's another story.

Preferred my Subaru Spec-C toshi Arai as it 'involved' the driver more and had a little more RWD bias.