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Originally Posted by Bobina View Post
Hello fellows, i'm new in here but i know about trance and house music few things...

Just wanted to say guys wtf with david guetta he got in the second place on djmag...what next he will take Armins place? Only middle school kids listen to that sh!t and some piller heads at the club. THE TRANCE IS LOVE THE REAL LOVE. Sure i can listen to his songs as pop songs when im at cafe or at some Billiard place but Not Not Not at the Club... this is just funny when u listen to him in the club and u start to remember those rap sh!t and black people and Rich people that try to take money from americans by selling that sh!t to little kids.

But Europe Will never listen to that Sh!t only some french people... by the way im from NY and here in NY TRANCE IS MAKING LOVE!!

I just want to know what you think about it.
Wait are you really Bobina? or just a put that as your username lol