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I understand why many are upset about the lack of another high rpm na engine from th M division, but will say that the idea of a turbo the way it has been described sounds very very appealing. BMW does build some of the very best engines and I am sure this one will not disappoint.

My best guess as to power, weight and price are basically in line with many of the aforementioned opinions: 3550-3600, 450-460 hp, 425-450 lb/ft of torque maintaining 90% of that between 1800 and 4500 rpms, w/over-boost achieving 460-480 for ten 10 seconds and a well optioned w/DCT price of $86,000-$90,000.

I don't see any major weight loss, however, a modest reduction coupled with the added ponies, impressive torque band and improved fuel economy will make a nice package. It is as with any car of this caliber the sum of all of its parts.

Even Porsche is moving in that direction, with a speculated 100 lb weight loss from the Carrera, a few more ponies -likely 410-415. As well as a longer wheelbase with less overhang and moving the engine a few inches forward.

You're right Ruff, although the A.S.S. (Adaptive Sport Seats) are very comfy they weigh in at roughly 47 lbs more than my comfy standard sports seats in the 3. The carbons are lighter still (by roughly 26 more lbs.) but a wee more difficult to get in and out and not quite as comfortable. But, yeah, I agree with you, it's the old be careful what you wish for thing.

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