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Originally Posted by abe2 View Post
For anyone who is going to put down so much in a deposit, I'd suggest that you negotiate with the dealer that they pay you interest accrued on that money by the time you get the car...Don't get screwed.
You could try, but I doubt any dealer would agree. I would look at the interst lost as:
A - An alternative to paying dealer mark-up on a hot new car (assuming dealer will sell it to you for MSRP)
B - A worthy investment vs. depreciation considering how early in the model year you'd get your car. (example - 2003 M3 w/50k miles is worth ~30k. The guy that picked his up in late 2002 will have suffered less depreciation than the guy that picked his up in summer 2003).
2003 S2000, 2015 M3