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Originally Posted by J08M3 View Post
hmmmm.... well my M3 is AW and I owned matte black grilles and a 3D lip as well.

I guess it's tougher when you're putting them on Sparking Graphite though, I hear they don't snap in or bolt on as easy.

SG is a nice color though.
wow, why the need to be a dick?

how many AW M3s do you see with black grills and a 3d lip? he pulled this off well for a sparkling graphite considering that there are many more options he could have gone with; that may have looked worse, better, or just as good and he mixed and matched everything perfectly. how many sparkling graphite M3s do you see with black grills with a 3d lip? not many compared to AW M3s at least...

not saying that those two parts are what makes this SG car, but that he did the WHOLE car perfectly (IMO of course and i guess you can say tom's too ):

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