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You should be aware if your co-workers are saying that they just have an exhaust. They might have a test pipe and headers together with the exhaust as well. I have a friend of mine has an evo IX with a test pipe, headers, exhaust, and tune. He pretty much eats the 4.6 mustangs for breakfast in the freeways.

When it boils down to racing from a dig, the M3 will win towards the end. Launching an AWD vehicle (like an EVO) from a dig and dumping it's clutch is VERY harmful for the drivetrain. That is the reason why the GTR has LC (launch control) to minimize drivetrain damage.

Also if you want to win, take them from a roll. Around a 115+ MPH, the EVO will start turning into a brick and the M3 will start travelling at lightspeed...