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Originally Posted by e36jakeo View Post
I knew I'd get some responses to my comment
Yeah - I figured you aware that you were a total ass. We get plenty of cocky kids on the forums trying to make up for their lack of balls in real life by playing tough guy on the the internet.

Welcome aboard, tough guy.

I seriously don't get the point of taking a perfectly engineered sports coupe, complete with CF roof, and then adding 500 lbs and taking away structural rigidity, thus defeating the entire point of the car.
Right. So removing the V8 and putting in the I6, and then detuning the brakes and suspension - that will fix the whole thing. Great logic you got going there.

If you really want a performance convertible get a car engineered AS a convertible (Boxter S, for example) so it is still stiff, light and agile.
And if you really want a performance coupe an Exige or Z06 will be a much better choice than the M3. Probably a Cayman or Z4 M coupe too. As if the 3 series chassis was designed to be "light and agile", LOL. Plus, you don't need the rear seats on the track. Poser.

BTW, I will be the one outdriving you, no matter what you drive, at any track you choose. I'll be happy to send you some videos on how to drive.
Hey as long as those videos make you feel better about getting beat up on the playground when you were a kid - more power to ya.
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