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Originally Posted by Onurleft View Post
Evo's have a pretty horrible drag at speed. Even if modified they need lots of power to run in the triple digits. However, with simple bolt on's and methanol they can go 350-400awhp.

To give you an idea of stock for stock ...

after 1520 ft my buddies E92 M went 111mph and my friends stock Evo 9 SE went 100mph
The Evo achieved a 1.8 60ft time, while the M3 managed a 2.0.

The Evo has a simple grip advantage off the line but in all honesty is much slower even than an E46 M3 once rolling
Your friend should practice at drag racing his Evo, if he is pulling 60' times over 1.5s in an AWD launch with that kind of power he's not launching right. Great drivers pull 1.0-1.2 consistently. 1.5 is average. It doesn't seem like much but that early in the race its huge and its where AWD cars get their speed. Sounds like he's doing the usual jump and bog that plagues AWD launches