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Originally Posted by Mark's M View Post
C'mon??? I actually hope the new one looks like that. Anything radically different (and radically more refined, including in the styling department) will plain and simply lead to a bunch of "I should have waited" enthusiats.

You've got the efficient dynamics "air curtain" set up for the front wheels down pretty good, similar to the new 1M. Congrats on a nice job!!

Bottom line though for those in 2014....wouldn't you have really rather had a V8???
You have absolutly no idea what you are talking about. Efficient dynamics "air curtain" Are you kidding me? He took an image of an E92 m3 threw a 5 series front end on it and a 1M front fascia with and tweaked the wheels. Bmw will not do this period. If a designer at BMW tried to pass this off as the next M3 or even the next 3 series for that matter, he would be escorted out of the building. Sorry but even the photoshop skills are lacking in this image.