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Originally Posted by BevoRules View Post
i guess asking for 5000 quid as new down payment seems reasonable if dealer is actually trying to figure out the serious from not serious buyers. i guess i would (will) do it. but considering that is now getting to be a heafty amount of jack that they have of your money, i'd tell (or at least try) them they need to compensate you for the lost interest on 5000 for 6 months (or however long they have it). i mean the interest on that much jack for 6 months is over 200 quid by itself...
It's standard practice when ordering a Ferrari, and no you don't get interest on the deposits they hold.

To be honest I am really quite glad that they have adopted this approach, I was mucked about when I bought my M3 CSL in 2003 (which is why they have now taken this approach).

At the time I was 2nd on the list at my dealer and was told that I wouldn't get a car due to the demand there had been. After kicking up a major stink and speaking to the Director of Sales within BMW GB itself I managed to get a car made available (after lots of letters and phonecalls). Then within the space of a few weeks all the speculators vanished and there were plenty available. At the time, BMW GB were likewise petitioning Munich to provide them with 200 additional cars, because so many customers were angry at being excluded from buying one.

So I almost didn't get a car, but wasted lots of time trying to find one, and BMW almost ended up with even more egg on their faces ordering more cars for customers that didn't really exist.

Hopefully people who are less than serious will be dissuaded resulting in a more balanced and predictable supply/demand. Cars will still be available, but ideally there will be less over-supply. Unfortunately there will be a few casualties, genuine customers who will feel that 5k really is too much deposit, but overall I think it will be better for most genuine customers.