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Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
I am truly baffled by this hair splitting. Zero to Sixty is zero to sixty. There is no method and it isn't an opinion. It is a rigid set of parameters.
Whether you think its a meaningful measurement is up to you (i don't).
If you want a 1' rollout then it's a "1 foot rollout to 60" measurement.
It seems we're both interested in an (as you said) apples to apples test.
That's why I don't care for magazines that count a 1' rollout. The car is moving at 1'...
I have no problem with your belief that "Zero to Sixty is zero to sixty". You are on scientifically good ground. However, the fact is that one foot of rollout is absolutely apples to apples with U.S. magazines.

However, my point is analogous to braking distances. As you are probably aware, different testing methods abound.

My personal preference would be to begin at the exact moment my foot hit the pedal, and not at the point where braking begins. The time between those events varies from car to car, just as in the acceleration example.

Oh well. Since we agree that 0-60 is pretty much immaterial in the scheme of things, I guess that's enough on the topic.