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Originally Posted by templarklimek View Post
I know i'm beating a dead horse here.

Just reading that the 2012 C63 AMG will have 571hp! WTF? IMHO this continues to confirm that bmw is going the wrong way with the next m3. as the 1M has become more like the original m3 the present m3 should move up in performance and power to still lead the pack. The "green" issue doesn't add up as other makers continue to produce high peformance V8's.

Not trying to start flame war but if mercedes,audi, even domestic's continue to produce V8 high performance cars pushing 500hp I won't buy another M3. HP isnt everything but jeez, BMW is taking a step down. it's like downgrading from a really hot chick to one that is although perhaps less demanding but isnt as hot when hot girls are still all around you.

if I was BMW i wouldn't produce an M6 as it is now even more of a luxu-cruiser than before. Focus on the M3 as the performance leader. I love the new 6 but it's a boat.

Perhaps two M3's? one with the 4.4L V8 AND a GTS version that has a S/C pushing 550hp+. ensuring M3 stays the king. I'd paying 82K for a 550+hp M3.
The S65 motor would do just fine in the coming F32. Ford,Porsche and others do it. Why not BMW?

Leave the 6TT for the 1M, M2 etc. don't go backwards but forwards. I know it's a pipe dream but i mourn the loss the the V8 and the M3's status as the benchmark.

So in 2012 these cars will exceed the M3 in some degrees:

CTS-V coupe
AMG c63 coupe
Mustang GT500
Mustang GT

Again, I love my e92, i just can't accept the future of the f32 M3.
Don't forget the Honda Odyssey as another vehicle that "will exceed the M3 in some degrees"... interior volume for one. You should go get yourself a 599 GTB or something so you don't have to worry about another car having more than yours... or wait, the GT2 will out-accelerate that... but the Z06 has a faster lap time... oh but that interior sucks... oh my God it'll never be just right!!!
17 M240i - aka fun kid hauler