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Originally Posted by mastek View Post
I had an e46m3
OE Trim: 3475 (no fuel, no driver)
I removed the rear seats, rear trunkliner, added GC Coilovers ($1500), added a Titanium Muffler ($1200), had lighter wheels + tires ($2500), front BBK ($2500) and was down to 3200 lbs. (no fuel, no driver) @ $7700+

I HAVE and e90m3
OE trim: 3630 lbs. (no fuel no driver)
I removed the rear seats, removed trunkliner, installed f/r BBK ($7500), installed a lighter muffler and X-Pipe ($2000), installed a Spring Coilover Kit ($1000), and lighter wheels + tires ($2500) and am down to 3400 lbs. (no fuel, no driver) @ $13k

This is e90/e92M3 vs 1M ...and the 1M IS a lighter car and you can "easily" remove 200+lbs.
It will be more nimble and change direction better at the track then an e92/e90m3.
I've worked with 2 teams running e82 chassis for racing, so I can tell you this chassis is capable at the track.... more then an e90/e92m3 = faster for less money.

There are a TON of better candidates for race cars then both these platforms.
But speaking strictly 1M vs. M3 = the 1M WILL be a better/faster for cheaper track car then the e90/e92m3. Period.

As far as street comfort and dd capability = e90/e92m3 hands down.
I don't see how saving even 200 lbs, let alone the 350 lbs you intially quoted, will be easy if we are defining easy by price. The total weight for these items on the 1M will be even less as the parts you listed will weigh marginally less because they are smaller to begin with. Removing the rear seats, lighter muffler and cats and lighter wheels won't yield 200 lbs. You also do not appear to be factoring in labor for the other items and/or exhaust work. ($2,500 for wheels and tires? Where, what kind? Quality wheels and tires of that size are not $2,500 mounted and balanced.) So, we appear to be back at roughly $15k for 200 lbs, even a speculated $11-$12k for 140-150 lbs is too pricey.

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