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Originally Posted by 007MCoupe View Post
i've actually tried that stuff before. i'm all about taste first, and the stuff my buddy had was terrible. IDK what flavor it was, but it was bad.

My post wasn't meant to be attacking, just getting my side out there. I used to take all the Isopure and this and that after workouts, and i presonally found that chocolate milk tasted better 1, and 2, left me the least sore the next day(s).
I was kinda drunk/pissed off when I replied. I see that you didn't mean to attack and I can def see your point

Originally Posted by OC 335i View Post
Oh Doh. Maybe I'll get them to send me a sample. You should really try Cytofuse by xtreme formulations though.
If you PM a Universal rep on *******, they should be able to send you a sample packet or two of it

Originally Posted by Dre01SS View Post
^^^--- Real food > Milk > Protein Shake
This. But immediately after your workout, a shake with water is optimal. Then followed up by a high carb/protein meal within an hour of the shake