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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
I still dont agree, seeing as the 1 series (and inevitably 1M) doesnt have the same amount of insulation as the e46 m3 and def not as much as the e9X M3. I still dont think youll do any better than 150 lbs or so.
As far as being a better track car, I dont see that happening either unless BMW found a way to keep the oil temps down and limp modes away.
Lets also not forget that the 1M is longer, wider, and taller than the 135i.
So what part of those 2 examples do you disagree with?
That you can drop 200+ lbs without changing front seats out of both cars ... but somehow the 1M will be exempt from those 2 examples??

And as far as track car -- what you are saying is ... that stock for stock ... same day, same driver the M3 will post a faster lap time then the 1M (around a common race track -- not the 45 mile long Nordschleife)

hmmm -- i dunno for sure -- but Im gonna guess a 1M will post a slightly faster lap time due to the very same reason I posted SIGNIFICANTLY faster lap times in my e46m3 over my e90m3 = weight = load transfer = change of direction.

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