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iTrader: (39) | 100% Real Carbon Fiber Cover for Apple iPhone 4 3GS 3G from MonCarbone

PYSpeed Apple iPhone Products From MonCarbone (Click to order)

- Apple iPhone 4 Carbon Fiber Case
- Apple iPhone 3G 3GS Carbon Fiber Case
- Apple iPad Carbon Fiber Case

Product Features
- Elegant, rich minimalism ensures subtle statement while complimenting iPhone 4 beauty.
- Virtually weightless case only increases iPhone weight factor by 5.8%.
- Reinforced scratch resistant finish ensures product longevity.
- New design assists in prevention of antenna interference.
- New UV resistant feature prevents discoloration under sunlight.
- Aerospace material that provides sports car styling and the comforts of luxury.
- Intelligent design offers complete access to all of the iPhone 4 controls.
- Precision engineering provides high tensile strength and long-lasting durability more than the properties of steel.