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Originally Posted by devo View Post
Admittedly, the 2012 GTR will be a beast, but I too have heard and seen many posts/vids which show the .1 turbo easily beating out a GTR in a drag race whether from the dig or roll. The 2012 GTR vs. .2 PDK turbo should have similar results. A turbo S more-so. Nonetheless the 2012 GTR will be very very special, imo.

Bruce brought up some very good points about 0 whatever-60 runs. I consider them rather meaningless. As far as sheer acceleration it should be 0-100 MPH, 1/4 mile and/or 0-125 MPH.

As much as I thought I liked the idea of a GTR I realize I'd rather buy a pre-owned .1 turbo w/a stick for less money. My previous .1 turbo was my all time second favorite car; the .2 GT3 is the favorite.
I find the 0-100 a better measure because it minimizes all the little things Bruce points out and stuff like traction issues higher HP and rear wheel drive cars have.

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