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How to switch OEM grills and side indicator housings

After looking at several guides where destroying your hands/fingers by pinching the side indicator housing off I decided to try another way. Simply use one of theese:

Tape the parts around the housing and the housing itself + the tool. Attach a piece of cardboard to the housing where you need to pinch. Look at your aftermarket housing, the hooks that need to be pressed down are located on the same place as the stock ones. Now simply pinch with the tool and have a friend pull (could probably do this on your own too) where the hooks are located and pull housing towards you at the same time. Be carefull so you dont press too hard, might crack the plastic chrome.

Now to removing the grills, this is a bit more effort and I'd recommend having a friend help you. Unscrew the 4(?) or more screws holding the bumper at the top, you have to open the hood in order to find theese. Bend the bumper, BE CAREFULL (!) reach down and use a screwdriver (put tape on it) to click the hooks out while your friend pulls the grill out.

Putting in the aftermarket grills is really simple, just make sure all hooks are in Will update with picture on the car later, forgot to take any... :d

Good luck!