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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Hey T-Bone. Is this sw free? Where can I get it? In the meantime how about an interesting request? Run the new M3 with the old M5 engine. I read some good threads on how this hypothetical vehicle might perform. I guess it may only be fair to run it with the gear ratios and tire sizes from the M5 as well. The argument in that thread was basically the classic torque vs. hp argument. Thanks!
There is no need to run the S62 with the new M3.....the power curves match the BMW curves pretty well.

In my experience, those who suffer from HP always mention torque.... 414 hp is 414 hp, it is a measure of the work this engine can do.

I encourage you to play with the software, all variables are adjustable.

There is a free trial version....
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