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Originally Posted by adrean8j View Post
It was dead before RR ever got there...that is the whole reason they hired him...and the fact that Michigan was even considered during the year is because of him....LOL.

Go Bucks! Down wit Blue!
From one Buckeye fan to another..."what are you, stupid?"

Just b/c the Bucks owned Mich the last 8 years doesn't mean Mich is dead. If you ever looked at history, the rivalry has ALWAYS gone back and forth. Both teams get unbelievable streaks, with the expection of the "10 year war". You have to be stupid to think Mich is dead.

Your logic would have applied when Earl Bruce left the Bucks in 1987, were we dead back then too?

You must be either young and your college football history started in 2002 or you just don't get it.

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