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Originally Posted by darkcloud View Post
The rose bowl big-10 connection isn't what it was in the past. The big10 and PAC10 were rarely making it to the game because of the BCS.

My wifes dad was all bent out of shape yesterday that OSU wouldn't be making the rose bowl. I was like honestly who cares as long as your making it to 1 of the 4 BCS games.

Anyways congrats to Wisconsin. They had a very good season. Hopefully they can keep it up as well as Mich St. It's been rather lonely and annoying being an OSU fan. The nation has some major beef with OSU for some gay reason be it their overrated or whatever. But you have to admit they constantly are putting out competitive teams. No one was giving USC, Florida, Oklahoma or Texas shit this past decade for being constantly in the top 10. Especially since Michigan has sucked balls for a while now. The big10 needs a handful of good teams and with the addiction of Nebraska next year will be pretty fun for the top schools. Cant wait for that championship game!

And thus you can see how a BCS system which attempts to preserve bowls as we know it can break up the "tradition" part of CFB. Imagine what a playoff system would do. Bowls would mean nothing! Tell that to the rose bowl commissioner and the millions of $ tied to it.

As an OSU fan, I want a playoff, but you have to realize, you can't have your cake and eat it too. CFB will lose a lot of traditions with a playoff.
I think if you really want everything, the BCS Bowls playoff +1 game is the way to go.