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Originally Posted by mastek View Post
Really?? ...
- change front seats to Recaros = 100 lbs
- take out rear seats, seatback + trunkliner = 50 lbs
- lighter wheels, brakes, exhaust = 50 lbs.
And you already lost 200 lbs.

FACT: Its the lightest, most raw (least amount of driver aids + electronics) BMW currently sells..
My point exactly. With what you listed one would spend about $15k to lose 200 lbs (your estimate). The next 150 lbs will be even more costly. So, yeah, like I said, it'll be very difficult to lose 350 lbs on this car.

I wouldn't want to put $15k into this car let alone $25k+ and still not have any suspension or engine mods.

What driver aids is the car missing. Admittedly I missed that part.