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Originally Posted by Bubbles View Post
I think everyone is jumping the gun with the 1M track performance. Having sufferred through heat issues on the track with N54 engine (even after oil cooler upgrade, intercooler upgrade, straight distilled water, fog lamp removal), wait and see if the M division addressed this issue. The V8 handled 95F+ ambient temps just fine over a very long track day, it is a work of art.
Could you elaborate more on which car this was?

I believe it was Berk Technology (IIRC) who ran several time attacks in their 135 with the following upgrades , as well as several other shops like Top Speed In Atlanta which swept One-Lap in a GT2 and AST with these mods. Although they do run hotter, as most all turbo cars do, I never saw at the track/talked about/read about "issues" that preventing it from running 25-30 minute sessions once upgraded and I have been on track with some of these guys. Granted turbo cars always run hotter, these cars could still run in July heat in 95+ temps. I'd like to ask how the cars do on the track for longer time periods though as Berk did use a vented hood to keep it cool out in the mid-west summer heat and never updated their blog on if it was enough to keep it cool for longer durations.
The 1M has gone 8:12 on the Ring and I'd doubt BMW's own cooling upgrades for this new model are as substantial as the beefy aftermarket mods that are available for the N54.....
I think its safe to say don't plan on putting a PROcede on your 1M and expect to walk away from E92 M3's because it will have cooling issues without significantly addressing the cooling system unlike an N/A M car

As far as 1M vs M3. 8400rpm vs turbo motor. E92 M3 sound/experience IS a work of art, while F.I motors just feel like a wall of torque to me (yawn, it's always more fun to work for your power and hear the reward)
A 7200-7600rpm turbo motor with a higher peak power curve would've been a nice compromise. Also the high roof line on the 1 relative to the rest of the mass (higher center of gravity) hurts the 135 as a good base for a track toy. It's great that the 1M now shares a carbon roof but i'd still put my money on the E90/2 being a better chassis to go tracking with simply for where the weight is

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