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Originally Posted by Chewy734 View Post
Not in 1080p. Plus, with a simple/small firmware hack, you can get 66Mbps sustained at 24p on the 5DMKII!
where do i find info on this?

P.S. I'm running a 5D with 24-70, it's pretty much always on my camera... Some days i do miss the image stabilizer, however, the noise filtering is so well done on this camera, the IS is barely needed. And IS does sometimes have a tenancy to make a lense lose quality when turned on. (so I've been told.)

I wore this combination walking around New York last week, it did get a little tiring on the neck, so I swapped to my one shoulder strap and it made a world of difference, i barely noticed the camera hanging on.

I have to say though, the lens that has gotten me the most candid shots of any is my 100-400mm you can just stand a hundred feet away and still be able to see the holes on the band of someones wrist watch clearly.