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For anyone who is going to put down so much in a deposit, I'd suggest that you negotiate with the dealer that they pay you interest accrued on that money by the time you get the car. If you are talking about dealers asking you for almost US$10K that is a lot of money and if you decide to actually get the car, which I assume you want, you have no idea when it will be. You could have that money locked up for at least 9 months, and more likely more. Time value of money is something most people don't think about when it comes to putting down deposits on cars because usually its only a small amount of money and not necessarily for a long amount of time. But we don't officially know when the M3 is actually going to be coming out, and US$10K is a lot of money = the dealer can put that money in an account, take the interest for itself, and make money off of you even if it gives you back your deposit because you don't want the car, or because it only applies the principal of the deposit to the purchase price, and not the interest it made off of your money. Don't get screwed.