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Originally Posted by e92_m3 View Post
Someone correct me if i'm wrong, but the last pic shows an air filter connected to a piece of hose for the supercharger.

Do you really need to install the air filter that low? Won't that get soaking wet when driving especially in the rain since it's in a low position and exposed right behind the front bumper air duct?

My main question is:
Is that a good thing when installing an air filter that low and exposed right behind the front bumper bumper air duct?
I will correct you!

The flexible ducting you see is actually a brake cooling duct that is not hooked up yet, not the intake duct for the SC (The intakes in the GT4 lip are for the brake ducts that the GT4 M3's use due to the fact that they are purpose built track cars).

There is actually not that much room in the engine bay so the filter actually does need to be there. There is only a short elbow off of the SC and the SC sits pretty much where the OEM airbox is. Also keep in mind that that duct in the bumper of a stock M3 leads directly into the airbox anyway so there is not much difference from the OEM setup with regards to dirt and water ingestion.

The only big issue one might have with this filter location is if you were driving through water that is 12 or 16 inches deep (which is hopefully never). With all that being said, if I owned an ESS kit I would probably look into running a filter sock over the K&N filter to keep it from getting soaked if I had to drive in heavy rain and to keep it cleaner in extremely dusty conditions.

Hope that helps!
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