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I used to own an Evo 8.

Stock Evos are no way faster than the M on a road course, autocross course (depending on the course), or straight line.

If you modified an Evo 8 to exactly the same WHP as the M, the Evo 8 would be faster b/c of the AWD. With AWD, you can come out of a dig quicker with more traction and also coming out of slow corners, it can get on the power earlier, and since the weight is less than the M, and having the same HP after tuning, it logically would be faster.

But again, we're getting into the discussion that you can make anything faster than any other car with know the: "my turbo 1984 Ford Fiesta is making 400 whp can run faster than your M" discussion. Which is ridiculous to discuss.

However, I feel you can safely tune more power into the Evo 8 than the E9X M. I never would forget my old Evo, it was some of the best driving times I've ever had my life. The Evo 8/9 is a fantastic raw and balanced performance car.

I sold the Evo for the M b/c I wanted more refinement and more power (stock vs. stock)

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