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DIY: How to get free oil change

Ok folks,

For some of you this may be trivial but for others I think it will be useful. Basically this is a quick DIY on updating the CBS values stored in your car computer using the BT Tool.

As some of you may know BMW has changed their policy on performing free annual oil changes in order to save money. Under the new conditions, BMW will perform an annual oil change on your car only if you have traveled LESS than 6000 miles since the last oil change AND it's been over 1 year.

I don't drive my car as much as other people but I do more than 6000 miles per year. My car normally has its oil change twice per year: an annual oil change from BMW before the winter and I would do another one in mid summer. This routine works great for me because I get about 5000 - 6000 miles between oil changes.

Bavarian Technic has recently updated their software to support reading, resetting and updating the CBS values in our cars. I called them directly to obtain some information before I did this to my car.

Here is what I did to get a free oil change:

* Connect your BT to the car and establish connection.

You will see a screen like this:

Note: The image you see above was from AFTER I did this change. That's why it is showing a weird date.

Step 1: Press on the REFRESH button just to make sure you are not looking at stale data.

Step 2: Under the ENGINE OIL section, note the two values: Service Count and Due The Service Count value tells you how many times the oil was changed AND the counter was Reset! This does NOT necessarily tell you how many times the oil was changed.

Step 3: Press the Adjust Value button. A dialog box will appear and it will have two fields: one for the service count and one for percentage.
IMPORTANT:You can ONLY increase the service count. Before I changed any of the values, my service count was saying 2 and my percentage was 37%. I entered 3 for service count and 15 for percentage and then I hit save.

Be careful though. Don't just update your service count left and right. If you experiment with it too much and it says "service count 10" on a 2009 model car, it would be suspicious! Be reasonable!

This updated both the service count and the percentage left. Unfortunately, the BT tool does not have the capability to update the due date yet. The car computer automatically determined the due date and in my case it decided that the oil change was due in 2004. Weird, I know...

The next day I took my car in for oil free annual oil change and I got it!

Good luck everyone!
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