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Patience is good...

Originally Posted by moss View Post
Yep - I think i'm gonna wait and get a March 08 car - just hope the trick gearbox ain't delayed further!
I think your plan to wait is excellent. We all want it "right now" but BMW and the dealers have a few more hands to play before we really know when and how much and with what standard features. And, the rumor mill doesn't help much at times. Like you, I am keen (and too have pre-ordered) but have decided to wait and see what actually unfolds and when. My dealer (also an enthusiast with mega years and F1 years behind him) has given me this advice and he always been more or less right on. It will be an expensive car. And the dealers will be looking for ways of reducing the pre-ordered list as lots of folks have allegedly put their name and $1K (refundable) down (they can live the fantasy for free!) so as the time approached the wanna be E92 M3 drivers will have to be separated from those who will give their $ to the dealer. His advice makes sense I think and he readily acknowledges the politics and business associated with the "pre-order list" strategy. If you have the cash then pay the extra deposit (refundable like the original deposit-- that is the question!), if not chill and wait.

Enjoy your ride today ........