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WARNING: Pneus Tyres.

I will never use these clowns again.

I orderd some Continental Winter tyres for the M3 over the weekend. Expensive, but I was looking at the forecast for the coming week.

Come Monday, I actually found the same tyres from the USA website TireRack for less than half the price and they are willing to ship to the UK. (Still much cheaper than Pneus Tyre or MyTyres, even with shipping).

I saw that the Pneus Order had not been dispatched and I contacted them by phone (no answer, their phone lines are only open from 9am to 12pm) and email. twice.

I confirmed in the evening with DPD, (courier) that the package reference number they were giving on the website was not actually valid, which meant that the tyres had not been collected from the warehouse.

Despite another phone call this morning with a woman who couldn't speak english, it turns out that two of the 4 tyres have still been dispatched and so if I refuse delivery they will charge me 22 per tyre to restock. They confirmed that the other two tyres were waiting for dispatch and so I reiterated again that those two tyres should be cancelled.

8 hours later I receive an email entirely in French which says that it was not possible to prevent the last two tyres being dispatched and so I am now liable for 88 to refuse delivery and have the tyres restocked.

This brings customer service to a new low. They don't answer their phones, they don't answer their emails and they use a UK based website in English to trade with UK customers. They deal with all customer service in french.

On top of that they charge an extortionate fee to return an item. Mytyres don't charge a thing.

If my credit card company doesn't have any success I will be taking this to Small Claims. These clowns could have and should have stoppd this transaction, instead, they work a 3 hour day and assume the entire world speaks French.

Use them with caution.

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