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Originally Posted by TK-421 View Post
did you even bother clicking on the link? it has enough protein (it says 20 per serving but i throw in an extra scoop - anything over 30 really isn't necessary directly PWO) and it says to take within 30 minutes of your workout. and yes, chocolate milk can be used PWO, but there are much better alternatives, even if you're not trying to look like ahnold
i've actually tried that stuff before. i'm all about taste first, and the stuff my buddy had was terrible. IDK what flavor it was, but it was bad.

My post wasn't meant to be attacking, just getting my side out there. I used to take all the Isopure and this and that after workouts, and i presonally found that chocolate milk tasted better 1, and 2, left me the least sore the next day(s).