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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
Thanks man. Drum-in-disc is the best parking brake system IMO, and that's what we have .

Hey Ken, I wonder if the parking brake can be adjusted by pulling the lever in reverse, like on some other cars. Looks like a ratchet-type adjuster to me, although it can also be turned with a screwdriver. Mine is perfect too with only 6K miles, but somebody might give it a try and report back .
The self-adjuster looks correct now that you mention it. I found this video clip of a 2008 328i parking cable removal. At 1:45 in the video you can see the adjuster screw is next to what looks like a self-adjuster mechanism. Not like the way it appears in the realoem illustration that I included earlier. Usually the self-adjuster on most vehicles works as you described when you pull the parking brake lever the correct parking brake shoe clearance is set. Now you have me wanting to take my car apart during Christmas break.