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Just tucked her in for the night, finally back home. Tried my best to vary the rpms on the long road trip, but the trip was broken up enough I think the engine got broken in adequately. Trip home was in a span of 4 days, Friday - Monday. South Carolina (performance center) to Atlanta, Atlanta to Athens, Athens back to Atlanta, Atlanta to Orlando, Orlando to Miami. Lots of city driving stop and go in between, with some highway cruising. It was difficult keeping her under 100mph, you just glide through traffic and its so smooth, even at high speeds, you don't feel it. One of the BMW instructors set my warning signal to come on at 100mph, and I didn't turn it off cause I thought it was a good idea, and it did ding a few times, reminding me to slow her down. All in all, I have driven from Atlanta to Miami many times (went to school at UGA), and the drive was never faster or more enjoyable than driving the M3 home. You just don't feel the time, usually the long road trips on highways just drag on. Anyways, I was thrilled to see when I pulled her into the garage, she has 1170 miles on her, so.....!!!!