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Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
but all this is assuming both sides are not in sync, and i am trying to adjust them
assuming both sides are in sync and you just want to tighten the hand brake
must i still do the whole pull off a wheel and adjust the hidden screw etc?
The shoes should last a very long time since they are only being used with vehicle stopped unless someone is dong fancy car tricks. I teach auto repair to teenagers you would be amazed at the things they can ruin.
I have not done this adjustment on my M3 with only 15K miles. I only use the park brake lever when the vehicle is stopped (parked).

If you go back and read the post by ph_gbg he said you can just remove one wheel bolt. Then you will see the adjustment screw through the lug hole. This will be the only way that you will know that "both sides are in sync".
You are confirming that the shoe clearance is equal on both sides.

It's important that when adjusting the parking brake it does not make either wheel drag when the parking brake is released......or it just kills the fuel mileage. and destroys the parking brake shoes.