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Originally Posted by dibxna View Post
looking at tinting my e90 lemans blue m3.

anything I need to be aware of?

I know there are problems with the tint being scratched as I read on a few other threads - is this something I can bring up to the tint company and they will know how to work around either by felting the rollers or shaving them down?

any recommendations? any words of caution?

my last car came tinted already so I didnt have to worry about it so its been several years since ive been through the tint game.
i have 20 all over and i went to this place in orlando to get them done....nothing special... some people will tell u to get the 600 dollar tints otherwise the car will break seriously i spent 150 bux on mine and they came out SWEET its been 1.5 years and they look like new to this day.

on that note dont get the 20 dollar tints either...

heres a pic (old pic before my springs and what have you)