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Originally Posted by DASHOCKER View Post
Watch the trailers for Forza 4 on youtube. The game is going to be bananas guys!
I promise you, this isn't happening anywhere as much as it seems. Look at what GT5 ended up as when they did many things in a halfhearted (for Polyphony) manner, it just distracted from the whole experience, the core of a very good game and turned people off it.

Turn 10 just don't have the resources, the system or the need to turn out a Rally/Weather/Licensed Sports simulator. They will keep smug and point out their perceived dominance over traditional (more playable) style of simulation and collect the 90+ review scores and uber fanboys (Not directed at anyone here, just an observation) that are so jealous and protective that they clog up GT5's user Metacritic by tampering with the system.

That said, i like the Kinect. Let's see what happens.

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Originally Posted by Gordon Murray View Post
Being a fan of Honda engines, I requested that they consider building for the F1 a 4.5 liter V10 or V12. I asked, I tried to persuade them, but in the end could not convince them to do it, and the McLaren F1 ended up with a BMW engine.