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Originally Posted by J BONE View Post
You guys have a decent team over there. The front four can dominate a game. Just need to stay healthy. Good things to come in Detroit IMO
Well, if you don't see any improvement in O-Line personnel, we're doomed to a sub .500 record next year. Especially with a QB who snaps ligaments when breathed on.

Suh is scary though. I would really hate to piss that guy off. I haven't seen anyone so physically gifted at that size ever. He just has to keep his temper under control and keep his rage contained.

Also, I think we'd have had an even better game on the D-Line if we had Vanden Bosch. That guy is another animal. Not so incredibly physically imposing, but he reminds me of an angry Albino Pit Bull. He's like a crazy white dude you'd expect to see on Lockup Raw.

Detroit's on the way up. Minnesota is on the way down, but still should be good next year. The Bears and Packers will definitely field playoff-caliber teams again next year. The NFC North isn't the weak division it used to be. That's nice to see.