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Originally Posted by Whitevdub View Post
what's up bro? how you liking the m3 over the modded out titanium a4? i know its an old thread, think i saw you in freeport a few months back when i still had the audi
Yo man, long time no see. I love the car but for the last 3 months i havent had it, its been out of commission.

read here (

Anyways, i miss the audi scene but this car is a whole other animal. Im not going to go back to audi atleast for a while, i love bmw. IVE TURNED!
What are you driving now?

My father doesnt have the C63 anymore!
Since then hes gotten a '10 MB G55 which was a BEAST! but turned out to be a lemon. And now he drives a '10 E63 which is one of the best cars ive ever driven!
2008 E90 M3 - Interlagos Blue (stock for now)