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Originally Posted by BevoRules View Post
really, i didn't know F1 changed and forced all the teams to run on V8s this year. well now that really explains why BMW is already gotten off to a better start this yr...they are using the engine that will be in our new M3s. very cool.

thx for info.
No problem. While it's not exactly the same engine, I believe the engine block is made in the same factory, is similar in design and many of the engine dynamics and operations (e.g., throttle-bodies dedicated to each cyclinder, etc.) are similar.

I think the BMW V10 was always considered one of the better, if not the most powerful, F1 engines back when it was being used. I think it was more so the hacks at Williams that couldn't put together a quality chasis to quite match the quality of the engine. (I'm sure Williams fans would vehimently disagree w/ me, but hey, I'm just sayin'...) Either way, the infighting between Williams and BMW (and the dominance of Ferrari at the time) had a lot to do w/ the inability of BMW Williams to win it all. Last year was the first for BMW Sauber, so it was unreasonable to expect more than was accomplished last year (and what was accomplished was actually above expectations).