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Originally Posted by James T. Kirk View Post
I'm at around 600+ miles in my break-in period. My dealer mentioned to me that my 2011 M3's engine is limited to 5500 RPM as a forced precaution from factory... and that once I get my 1200-mile service, they'll unlock the car's capabilities.

That hasn't proven to be true as my car has gone as high as 6500 RPM (in an accidental 1/2-second moment of downshifting too quickly at a high speed).

Was he referring to a limited SUSTAINED RPM of 5500 or what? I certainly don't want to mess with it, but I'd like to know the facts on this.

On top of that, my M3 continues to alert me that I need service even though I'm only half-way there. My dealer says to ignore it as 1,200 miles is the golden number. Okay... so I ignore the alerts
As others have noted your dealer is wrong, probably about many other things as well.

The only pre-1,200 mile thing I "might" have noticed was that the shift lights seemed to start coming on at something like 5,500 rpm whereas they now don't start popping until 7,000 or so. I don't think it was my imagination but then again...
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