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Originally Posted by pman10 View Post
I think that's a good thing- the whole 'F1 is a team sport' argument aside, team orders are notoriously difficult to monitor and will likely always exist, rule in place or not.

Now the big change is with engines. They will be going back to turbos (4 cyl, 1.6L engines) with a 12,000 rpm redline and 500 bar. In other words, these guys will now be driving motorcycle engines, which is a huge disappointment in my eyes.
I hate the team orders ruling. Bad enough when it was illegal. Now they'll be doing it at will. And I agree, the tiny engines rule may suck royally. But if the engineers can figure out a way to produce kick-ass horsepower from tiny four cylinder engines, I'll be mightily impressed. I can't see how they'll get any decent torque, but they've worked miracles in the past.

The move to biomass fuels is a very good thing. Hopefully it will quickly trickle down to the consumer level.

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